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Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Scotty

Here is my first attempt at the puppy from McCall's Crafts pattern M4893. In the 3rd photo he looks like a flying pig! (Which gave me an idea of using the pattern to make a pig, do him in pink and give him bigger rounder nose for a snout! If only I could make things as quickly as I think of them!) So back to the puppy, I changed his eyes, cos I thought they were too small and I sewed a few stitches in his ears to make them fold down. I am hoping to sell him and more like him at a craft fair. How much do you think I should sell him for?


  1. hi sally,,,its awkward about pricing,at a craft fair people tend to want to buy cheap...praps u could try putting £15 on a ticket,then put a line thru it,put £10 under,and then they think they getting a good deal!!!!xxevi

    1. ps,i think he is fab,,well done,youdone really good there babe,,xx


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